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Altice Internet & Cable TV

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High-speed internet and a variety of cable channels meet all your entertainment needs. Altice is a trustworthy, creative, and high-quality supplier.


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Altice USA provides Internet, TV, phone, and mobile services, advertising solutions, and news from a4, News 12, Cheddar News, and i24NEWS.


Altice Internet offers fast surfing, streaming, and gaming. Enjoy 8-gig downloads and uploads with 100% Fiber Internet. Altice reliably connects you to what matters.

Cable TV

Altice USA delivers cable TV and high-speed internet to millions of Americans. Altice is an industry leader with a customer-centric approach, boasting a fiber optic network serving over 4.6 million homes.

Altice Internet - Connect with the award-winning service!

Choose from a range of Internet plans with speeds up to 1 Gigabit—trustworthy 99.9% Internet security. There are no data limits, yearly contracts, prepayment penalties, or credit check fees. Altice is building a 100% Fiber network for speeds up to 5 Gig, ensuring your favorite activities are uninterrupted. Enjoy super-fast, reliable fiber internet for remote work and gaming. Experience a direct, strong connection to your home's gateway without bulky hardware.

Altice Cable TV - Unrestricted head-to-head comparisons!

Enjoy all your favorite forms of entertainment in one convenient location. Our staff members who specialize in television devote thousands of hours yearly to studying and evaluating various television services and products. We are aware that there are a limited number of TV providers in your area. We pit national brands against their direct competitors (and don't hold any punches), so you can determine the best TV option for your neighborhood.

Altice Packages, Plans & Deals

Unveiling Unbeatable Plans, Deals, and 99% Reliability for Customer Satisfaction!

Best Value

With this top bundle, high-speed internet and Counterd TV ensure you never miss your favorite shows and movies. This bundle is the right mix of speed and entertainment, with smooth streaming, fast downloads, and a wide range of TV shows.

Go Faster + Contour TV Preferred

Channels: 140+

Speed: 250Mbps

Best Budget Deal

This plan includes vital TV channels and high-speed internet at a price that fits your budget. Altice's Best Budget Deal lets you stay connected and engaged without overspending.

Internet Essential + Contour Stream Player + Panoramic WiFi Gateway.

Channels: Streaming TV

Speed: 100 Mbps

Best for TV, Internet

This unique deal combines high-speed internet with a complete TV package to meet all your needs. While watching a variety of TV stations, browse, stream, and download quickly.

Go Faster + Contour Preferred + Voice

Channels: 140+

Speed: Up to 250 Mbps

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